Accidents can be stressful and scary events.  Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind in the event of an accident:
  • Move your vehicle to a safe place and do not leave the scene.
  • Call 911 if medical assistance is needed.
  • Call the police -- they will determine if an officer is needed at the scene.
  • Try to stay calm and courteous and do not admit fault or talk to anyone about the accident except the police.
  • Take down relevant information at the scene, take pictures of the scene and any damage, and draw a sketch of the accident.
  • Call your insurance agent.  

While at the scene, write down the following information:
  • Other Vehicle(s) -- Year, Make, Model and License Plate Numbers.
  • Other Drivers -- Names, License Numbers, Phone Numbers, Insurance Company and Policy Numbers.
  • Your Passengers -- Names and Phone Numbers.
  • Witnesses Names and Phone Numbers.
  • Police Officer Names and Departments.
  • Tow Company Name and Phone Number.


Be Prepared! 

Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle with up-to-date contents, including a first aid kit, blanket, flares and flashlight with fresh batteries.  We want you to be safe!

Auto Insurance - Personal and Commercial

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Boat Owners Insurance

After an Accident...

Like personal automobiles, your watercraft require both property and liability protection.  Depending on the type of watercraft, coverage can be arranged through your Homeowners policy or a separate Pleasure Boat (26 feet or under in length) or Yacht policy (more than 26 feet long).  Depending on the policy and coverages selected, we can make sure outboard motors, on-board equipment, trailers and personal property are all protected. 

Purchasing a car is always exciting.  Whether new or used, make sure you and your vehicle are properly protected.  Does your auto policy offer you accident forgiveness?  Gap coverage?  Roadside assistance?  We pride ourselves in being able to offer the most up-to-date coverages on the market at fair and competitive prices.
As independent agents, we can best assess your needs and optimize your liability and physical damage coverage. Our insurance providers offer an array of individual and group membership discounts, lower rates if you drive fewer miles and discounts on various auto-related goods and services, such as oil changes and car rentals.  When accidents do happen, they also offer outstanding 24/7 claims service, with personalized, professional agents.  
For our business clients, we can also arrange for commercial auto coverage, providing protection for qualified company vehicles -- single or packaged auto accounts.

Many of our insurers offer significant discounts for home and auto insurance packages.