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Horse Owners Liability

For private horse owners not engaged in the business of training, providing lessons, breeding, boarding or any other commercial equine activity, we can offer a liability insurance program specifically designed to cover bodily injury and property damage caused directly by a horse.  The policy is perfect for horse owners who do not have public equine operations on premises or who keep their personal horse at a boarding facility or pasture.  The coverage would protect the insured when attending shows and events with their horse, or riding in parades or trail rides.  

Stable Insurance

We represent several insurance companies that offer comprehensive and competitive programs for all types of horse farms.  Whether your farm offers riding lessons, clinics, boarding, training, or breeding and sales, we can offer an insurance package that meets your specific needs. 
Stable owners insurance will cover your basic insurance needs, such as coverage for your dwelling, household personal property, equipment and tack, unscheduled farm property, farm structures and outbuildings, livestock and liability.   Enhanced coverage can also be put in place to protect your equine business, such as broadened liability coverage for boarding, lessons, training and sales, including therapeutic riding programs; Equine Professional Services coverage to protect against losses for rendering or failure to render equine professional services; Care, Custody or Control coverage for death, injury or theft of non-owned horses; broader property coverage for fences, corrals and pens, outdoor signs and other machinery, equipment and furnishings; and loss of income coverage.

Agribusiness Insurance

From large, complex agricultural businesses to smaller, family-owned farms, we are able to offer better insurance options, with well-rounded and affordable policies to cover all of your personal and business assets.
For owner-occupied and owner-operated farms, we are experienced in presenting contracts that meet all of your insurance needs, including: your residence and personal property; barns and outbuildings, including fences, corrals and pens; comprehensive liability coverage, both personal and farm, including products and advertising; additional living expense; farm machinery and equipment; livestock; and additional insureds, including vendors.  In addition, we can offer specialized coverages, such as harvested crops, peak season, pollution clean-up, ordinance or law, and back up of sewers and drains.  We can also provide coverage for equipment breakdown, workers compensation, auto and excess limits.

For larger agribusinesses, farms, ranches and commercial growers, we can offer all lines of commercial property casualty insurance, plus enhanced endorsements with broadened coverage, including high valued dwelling coverage, green dwelling replacement coverage, livestock collision coverage and more.  We can also provide policies for more complex agricultural enterprises which meet the needs of pickers, packers and shippers, as well as vineyard and winery owners.   

Equine Mortality

Horses are both trusted friends and valuable investments worth protecting.  Whether for work, show or pleasure, your horse needs an equine mortality policy to provide comprehensive insurance coverage against hazards your horse may encounter. 
We can help tailor your policy coverages for your unique circumstances with such options as: Animal Mortality Coverage, providing death and theft coverage; Emergency Colic Surgery Expense Coverage; Major Medical Expense Coverage; Surgical Expense Coverage; Loss of Use Coverage; Accident, Sickness and Disease Coverage; Newly Purchased Animal Coverage; and Increased Mare Valuation.
We have extensive experience in Farm and Equine Insurance.  We understand farming is not just a business, but a way of life.  We build long-lasting relationships with our clients, working with them to ensure they are protected and positioned for long-term growth and success.  
We have the proven ability to evaluate your farm or stable needs and offer appropriate insurance coverage with solid companies at highly competitive rates.  With several insurance providers, we can evaluate numerous options to best meet your unique needs.

Farm and Equine Insurance