Many people rely on employer-sponsored life and disability policies and do not even consider the need for long term care insurance.  When tragedy strikes, they may be sadly unprepared for the financial stress associated with the unexpected loss or disability of a loved one.  Relying only on employer plans can be equally unwise since the employer may go out of business or downsize, leaving the employees without continuing coverage.  We can help develop a comprehensive plan to ensure you and your family will be cared for in the event of loss.   
Top 5 Reasons to Purchase Individual Insurance:

Life Insurance:
1.  Buying or refinancing a house.
2.  Providing for your family.
3.  Becoming a parent.
4.  Getting married.
5.  Piece of mind.

Disability Insurance:
1.  You have debt obligations.
2.  You have a family.
3.  You do not have emergency funds.
4.  You work in a risky profession.
5.  You have a predisposed condition.

Long Term Care Insurance:
1.  To maintain your independence so you do not need to depend on family members for care.
2.  To protect your assets from the cost of long term care and to preserve your children's inheritance.
3.  To make long term care services more affordable.
4.  To provide yourself with more options than nursing home care.
5.  To preserve your standard of living.

Life, Disability & Long Term Care

Protecting Your Present for Your Future

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